Brexit Stories Wanted

Hello all. We are interrupting our hiatus because we need your help! Our editor is currently writing a feature about the ideological gap that has opened up between generations following the Brexit vote and the Trump victory.

We are looking for your stories about how these votes have affected your family life. Did you vote differently from your parents? Has the fact that you didn't voe the same way opened up any insight into each others lives you possibly didn't know before? Have you fallen out with them, or have other family rifts opened up due to politics? We'd love to hear your stories, from either perspective.

Please send them to, or via the contact form. If you're happy for us to quote from them in the article, let us know, and if you're happy to be contacted for further details, then that would be fantastic, but let us know if you'd rather not.

We are looking at this issue from a historical context. These sorts of divides tend to come once in a generation, whether it was Vietnam and the civil rights movement in the 60's in America, or Nuclear Disarmament and Thatcher in the 80's in Britain. A cultural divide between generations always exists, but it takes a big incident or vote, like Trump and Brexit, to bring these differences into sharper focus.

Thanks very much, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.


Jon (Editor)

The Young Turn Out, The Commentators Turn On Them

The Young Turn Out, The Commentators Turn On Them

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